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Working with B2B content marketing design, we help our companies build their brands online. And while doing so we try to come up with sweet ways to promote USPs in all channels on the web. Social Media is one of them. And they all offer their own spaces for customization. This is where a Social Media Size Cheat Sheet can come in real handy!

Brand Image is Pretty Darn Important

Maybe you’re born with it, maybe you need to put some extra thought into it (like the rest of us). Clever usage of the visual opportunities provided by the biggest social media sites are a great way to improve your company’s image, and attract your target group. Your social media profiles are almost viewed as often as your actual website. It’s an opportunity not to waste in building your brand online.

Create your own, fresh Social Media look

By combining cover, background and profile pictures you can create a visual message that speaks loads! Display your company’s long history with a retro feel, and create an experienced and trustworthy atmosphere. Highlight your techy knowledge with a slick design that screams “We’re über modern!”. Include your fans, or maybe employees, in the pictures – suddenly your page becomes a community, a place for people your visitors recognize and are familiar with. But most importantly – it’s an important entry point for leads. And as we all know, first impressions only come once.

More Room for Beauty with new Google+ Responsive Cover

There are no limitations to how gorgeous your social media page can be – all it takes is some simple design knowledge, and a little creative thinking. Now, you’ve got even bigger possibilities with Google+’s  new and improved cover photo size. Beauty is PLUS SIZED! But they’ve made their pages responsive, which makes a designer’s life slightly harder.

Feel free to use Basquer’s Social Media Size Cheat Sheet, to avoid the always reoccurring question: “Why can I never remember the size of [insert optional social media site name]’s cover photo!?”.

Social Media Size Cheat Sheet - Infographic


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