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Are you considering a new logo for your corporation? We can think of a million reasons why you shouldn’t draw up your own logo using a mixture of clipart and some images you’ve found on the Internet. I bet you can come up with a few of your own. We’ve tried to make it simple and decided to give you 3 valid reasons why you shouldn’t let your nephew design your new logo for you.

1. Unique Design for Your Brand

A unique design helps customers remember you for who you are. Your brand is what your customers and partners visually connect to your business. This visual anchor is where they will place all their accumulated emotions and opinions of their experience they have of your company. The more unique the logo is, the easier it is for them to place their good experience of you and remember it. It’s as if your logo is a mental basket containing all their memories. The stronger that basket is, the easier it is to remember you.

2. Great Looks Makes a Great Impression

A logo that has great balance, color scheme and composition is attractive and enjoyable to look at. The good looks of a logo will rub off on the impression you make as a company. If the logo design is slightly off balance, then there will appear to be something off with your company too. For example, look at this image of an “i”. The dot of the “i” is slightly off center. This could, in a logo, be made on purpose to create some interesting movement. But in this case, it just looks off. Imagine if your logo had the same balance.

Bad posture in a logo

If you have a professional looking logo, everything you do will appear more professional too. If you are a new player in a market, a beautiful logo can give you a head start because of the positive first impression your logo makes. When you walk into a meeting, I bet you try to make the impression that best suits the purpose of your meeting. A consultant would put on a suit to look trustworthy and professional. The same principal works for a logo.

Logo design posture - make a good impression with a professional logo

3. Target a Relevant Audience

The shapes and colors of your logo should be carefully considered to suit your target audience. The human brain categorizes every bit of input it gets. This means that our ability to associate colors and shapes to different genres of companies is much greater than one would think. If you are the entrepreneur of a startup within financial services, you would benefit from a logo with sophisticated, strong shapes and blue or grey colors. If you on the other hand get a logo that looks more like a mixture of graffiti and something that plays on the Disney Channel, then you’re in trouble. Kids might like it, but would anyone trust you with their money?

Wrong target audience for a logo

I know many more reasons why it’s worth spending some money to get a professional corporate identity. In fact, the only reason you wouldn’t is because you dont have any money. So when you’ve decided you need a new logo, don’t let your nephew “who knows a bit of Photoshop” create it for you. Let a professional design agency design it for you.

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